Application for Women's Expedition


Interested in joining?  Send your answers to Rafaelle Abramovitz at This trip is organized and led by Rafaelle Abramovitz, who has been on numerous trips to East Africa, living and working with the Maasai.

Participant Questionnaire

1. Please briefly describe your interest in this project. What about it intrigues you?

2. Briefly describe your experience level with the following:
 Travel and cultural immersion in foreign countries
 Group living
 Roughing it
 Mountaineering

3. What characteristics to you have that you think would make you a good fit for
this project?

4. What do you anticipate would be the most challenging aspect of the experience
for you?

5. At this point how would you rate your interest level on a scale from 1-5, 5 being
ready to commit today.

6. Do you have any health or medical concerns about traveling in Africa?

7. What questions or concerns do you have about the project at this point?