NARETOI "Women Empowering Women" 

Our mission is to collaborate with Maasai communities to empower Maasai women in Kenya.  Our projects focus on supporting girl's education, cultural exchange, and local economic efforts.

The Maasai are a group of indigenous, pastoralist people who live in Kenya and Tanzania.  Many Maasai still live traditionally, maintaining their rich culture despite pressures from a world that is rapidly modernizing around them.  Displacement from tribal lands, frequent droughts, livestock diseases, water and food shortages and lack of access to education are just some of the hardships they currently face.  Maasai women and girls are particularly vulnerable and disadvantaged and often bear the heaviest burdens of these challenges along with many others that go along with a traditional patriarchal society - arranged marriages (often when the girls are very young), female circumcision and lack of access to education.